Bank Wire Transfer Instructions

Bank Wire Transfer

We accept only domestic bank wire transfers. Please submit a request for bank details on our Contact page along with a name and description of the item you wish to purchase. Once you receive our bank details, you can initiate a wire transfer with your bank.

Submit a Payment via Bank Wire

1. Contact your financial institution and provide them with the following information: Give them the name of the recipient you will be sending the money to, the recipient bank’s American Banking Association routing number, their account number, the bank’s address and phone number and the person’s name whom they should address any questions to. We will provide you this information when you contact us.
2. Decide the amount of funds that need to be wired and when it should be deposited in the recipient bank account.
3. The transaction will need to be completed through your bank. Some institutions will permit initiation of the transaction using the internet while you must use phone or fax to initiate the transaction for others.
4. Confirm that the transaction was successfully completed. Request a faxed or email confirmation or contact the recipient bank for a confirmation of receipt of funds.

Treasure Adoption Agency will waive any transaction fees that are charged.

Contact your bank if you need assistance, and please make sure to cover all related charges on your end. Also, ensure that the payment is sent as a bank wire only,
and not a ACH, EFT or
 e-check. Please make sure to elect to pay any fees your bank charges for the transfer and do not subtract the associated wire fees from your
payment to us. Please note: It may take a few days for the payment to clear. We will apply the payment as soon as possible.

Bank Wire Refunds

Please note that bank wire payments are non-refundable. All purchases are final. A breach or violation of any of the Terms will result in an immediate termination of your Services.